It was always a gamble turning Nip Chef @WinstonTabby loose in Indianapolis with a fast car and an expense account, but at least he managed to get back to South Beach with no dents in said fast car, though naturally the same cannot be said for his expense account. However, he did return with a large file of the phone numbers of lots of pretty girl-cats best recipes for drinks and noms in the whole of Indiana, and he and a few of his many kittens have put in countless hours in the kitchen to put them on the Menu for you. There are...   


Rockstar Energy Drinks
Stoplight Punch
Indy Cola

Indy Beer

Burn Rubber Cocktail


Fire Fries
Bacon Cheese Fries

Mac-n-Cheese Dogs

Zooming Hot Wings

Blowout Buffalo Wings

Honey Barbecue Wings

Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Supersize Cheese Sandwich


Classic Car Cookies

Race Pops

Don't Pass Me Donuts

Indy Cake

Need For Speed Cake

Please give your order to the Bartender on duty, and... enjoy!!

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