Friday, 8 July 2016

Putting Wine On Hold

As you know, this weekend was to have been our monthly #NC24H pawty and we were heading for Europe for a celebration of the famous Bordeaux Wine Festival. However, this weekend France is also hosting the final of Euro 2016, the European Soccer Championship, and with their own team in the final and playing for the nation's pride it was clear to us that asking them to host #NC24H as well would be stretching their security resources just a shade too far. We did point out we have our own highly-efficient Sekurity Officers who could assist them, but they declined the offer with some words that weren't in the phrasebook we were using but seemed to have some unflattering references to Brexit, so I reluctantly decided a strategic retreat might be a good idea. 

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing the decorators in to brighten up the #NC24H building, so we're giving our hard-working staff some time off for a summer break. We'll be back in the autumn ready to whisk you off to various exotic locations, so in the meantime have a wonderful summer and remember weekly #NipClub will be open every Thursday as usual, so do please come along and pawty on!   

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Casting Call For Graphics Artists!

Are you good at making avatars, or would you like to learn? 

Would you like to help to make a difference for the rescues and shelters we raise funds for at #NipClub? 

Would you enjoy adding to the fun of your fellow anipals at our events? 

If so, we have a pawesome opportunity for you! 

#NipClub is looking to increase our Graphics Team, which designs and makes the avis for pals who want to dress up for the occasion and provides the uniforms for our Sekurity Officers. It's very creative, and you get to work with some real fun pals as well as having the satisfaction of knowing that you're playing a major part in the success of each event. 

If you're interested, please DM me (@ShaynaCat) or leave a comment here. 

#NipClub would love to have you on the team!  

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Bordeaux Wine Festival

As you know, this weekend we were scheduled to be taking a trip to cause as much mayhem as possible sample the local produce and culture at the Bordeaux Wine Festival. Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip has had to be postponed. 

NipClub's great strength lies in its teamwork. We have a large number of dedicated and vastly talented pals who work incredibly hard behind the scenes to bring you as much fun and laughter as possible, as well as raising much-needed funds for small rescues and shelters which need every dollar they can get - for example, your generous donations very literally proved to be a lifeline for one of our recent charities, which at the time when it was chosen didn't have the money to feed the animals in its care. We are, of course, all volunteers, and most of us have full-time work and/or family duties to take care of, too, which means it takes a much larger team than you might think to make the whole thing work. 

Unfortunately the team is currently missing quite a number of its members. Several have had to withdraw at least temporarily because of ill-health, while others have found themselves with extra responsibilities at work or at home which have taken up the spare time they were relying on for #NipClub. We have been struggling for some months now to keep the show on the road, and this week we have reached the point where we just can't do it.    

I'm very sorry indeed for the disappointment this will cause, and especially for the short notice. It was only late last night that I discovered that we couldn't go ahead with the pawty as we'd planned it, and in the meantime I've tried hard to find a way that we could bring you some kind of a pawty, even if it wasn't quite the one that we'd intended. However, it's become clear that we can't this month put on the kind of event that you're entitled to expect from us, and rather than settle for a sub-standard effort that would leave pals disappointed and perhaps not keen on coming back next time, I've very reluctantly taken the decision that we need to postpone our trip for now. 

We have some great things planned for the occasion, and a pawesome Menu from Nip Chef @WinstonTabby ready to prepare for you, so we're determined that our visit to Bordeaux will go ahead at a later date. 

In the meantime, if you want to come along and hang out on the #NC24H hashtag you will of course be very welcome, although there won't be an organised event going on.

I can't tell you how disappointed I am to have to do this, but I can promise you that every effort's being made behind the scenes to make sure that it doesn't happen again! 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Indianapolis 500 Centennial Pawty

This year marks the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

Join us as we get the celebration started 2:00 pm Eastern Time (7:00 in the UK) Saturday May 14, and party through the night until 2:00 pm Eastern Time (7:00 in the UK) on Sunday May 15.

Race Weekend Events

Indianapolis 500 Trivia

Test your knowledge of Indianapolis 500 history and miscellaneous quirky facts. Be the anipal to answer the most questions correctly and you will be the trivia champion of the old brickyard.

When: 9:00am EDT Sunday May 15
Host: Sadie @3phibotticelli

Anipal 500

Anipal open wheel racing at it’s finest. Choose your ride, and make your way around this legendary course. The winner is the first to reach the checkered flag. Be prepared to be creative during the race. Remember that cheating is not only encouraged, it will be graded.

When: 8:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
Host: Lucky @Lucky_GSD 

Where’s George (Indianapolis 500 edition)

Our friend George the duck is having difficulties finding his way around his tour of the Indianapolis motor speedway. He has to work hard this evening, so we would really appreciate your help in finding George. There will be a series of pictures and your job is to spot George and give his exact location.

When: 5:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
Host: Lucky @Lucky_GSD 

Anipal 100 Vintage car race

Now is your chance to race this legendary course in a century old race car. Make your way around the course as fast as you can. The first to reach the checkered flag is the winner. Be creative and beware of your friends trying to sabotage your ride.

When: 10:00am EDT Sunday May 15
HostSadie @3phibotticelli

Brickyard Blues

Your host will give a line from a famous car song. Be the first to identify the song to win a point. Get the most songs right to be declared the winner.

When: 6:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
HostJake @onewhitedog

Indianapolis 500 word call out (word puzzle)

Picture Wheel of fortune with no wheel, no Vana White, no cash and prizes. What’s left? A clue to an Indianapolis 500 themed word or phrase and a bunch of blanks. Contestants guess a letter. When you think you know the word or phrase, shout out your answer.

When: 7:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
Host: George @georgetheduck

Indy 500 Race-wear and cars

Contact @ PuppyNumber7 for one of these avatars

Models                                                                                 @alfieLuvsCassie Alfie     @Baxter_man Baxter

@Bea_Bells Bea               @CallMeModom Modom

More Coming Soon!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Renaissance Faire

Lords and Ladies of the Anipal Community

Let it be known
There will be 24 hours of feasting, games and general merriment

 April 9 & 10


Test your mastery of the bow and arrow in a trio of competitions.

First up is traditional target archery.
Second is your ability to hit a moving target.
Finally, Tommy (@thenascarkitty), has volunteered to have an apple placed on his head for the William Tell competition.

Time: Saturday April 9, 5:00 PM EDT
Host Lucky @Lucky_GSD

Drench a Wench

Ever wanted to dunk the boss?  Now`s your chance as #Nipclub boss Shayna will be in the tank.  Be careful and don`t let Shayna throw you off your game.  I really hope that she didn`t spend too much time styling her fur extensions. 

Time: Saturday April 9, 6:00 PM EDT
Host: Jake @OneWhiteDog


Welcome noble Knights of the Anipal realm to the NipClub Renaissance Faire Jousting Competition. Competitors must be on a horse. Both you and the horse will be wearing protective armour.  Only your lance is allowed to cross over the jousting fence.  On the signal jousters will charge at each other with the goal of knocking their opponent from their horse.

Advance in the tournament and be crowned Nipclub Jousting Champion!

Time: Saturday April 9, 7:00 PM EDT
Host: Moo @doggymolly 

Renaissance Anagrams

Test your deduction skills as you are challenged to unscramble renaissance themed words. Your host will tweet out the scrambled word. Your job is to unscramble the anagram and be the first to answer correctly. First to give the correct answer scores a point Collect the most points and you will be crowned the winner.

Time: Saturday April 9, 8:00 PM EDT
Host: George @georgetheduck

Renaissance Trivia

Test thy knowledge of the renaissance against that of ye old foes.  Answer the most questions correctly and ye will be crowned the king / queen of Renn trivia.

Time: Sunday April 10, 9:00 AM EDT
Host: Sadie @3phibotticelli

Renaissance Scavenger Hunt

Test your powers of deduction in the Renaissance Fair Scavenger Hunt   Your Host will tweet a picture and ask you to find a hidden object   The first contestant to give the exact location of the object scores a point.  (In the picture just isn`t good enough .  The contestant that gets the most correct, wins the scavenger hunt.

Time:  Sunday April 10,  10:00 AM EDT
Host:  Sadie @3phibotticelli

"How Elizabethan are you?"

Take @LadyGreyFoxs quiz and find out if you could survive the times, or get a job at your local Renaissance Faire, or are better off watching period dramas on television.  Be ye warned, some of these answers are harder than thou thinketh.

@LadyGreyFox`s Cassidy

Crash Course in Proper Elizabethan & Basic Faire Accents ...from the son of the folks who started it all.

Short list of Elizabethan Phrases . . . from the current RPF

Some more Elizabethan language basics

This is a bit of background on the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire that is maintained by the son of two of the original the founders

What will you be?
Knight?  Royalty?  Nobility?  Archer?  Gentlepal?
You can also ask for a custom avatar.
Let the graphics team know!

Renaissance fair-wear by 
Thomas @Puppy Number

Model is @Bea_bells

Renaissance fair-wear by
Gator @realfakegator


                                    @icypinklemeonade                        the boys at @3coolkatz

                                        @skye613                                 @QueenVLM Cupcake

Saturday, 27 February 2016

#Nipclub Monthly`s Disco Ball

#Nipclub Monthly 1970'Disco Ball

Dig deep into the closet for your white leisure suit,         

revive your Farrah hair-d0, and by all means get ready 

to hit the disco dance floor as #nipclub  monthly returns      

to the 70's on March 12-13

Disco Ball Activities

Disco Name That Tune

The game host will tweet a line or partial line from a disco song. Be the first to identify that song and earn a point. Win the game and win the car of your choice from #Nipclub manager @TheNascarKitty

Saturday March 12   5:00 PM EST
Host @GeorgeTheDuck

70's Trivia

There have been many things said about the 70’s. 1 thing is constant, most people say that it was fun. Whether you lived it or read about it on Wikipedia. It is time to find out what you know about the 1970’s. Your host will ask a variety of questions on such things as pop culture, politics, etc etc. Answer the question first and you are on the way to becoming the Nip Club 70’s guru.

Saturday March 12   6:00 PM EST
Host @GeorgeTheDuck

Wuzzles Puzzles - Back by popular demand

Not the outdoors adventure type? No problem, we have the game for you. Put your puzzle solving skills to the test as you will be given a clue and have to determine the word or phrase. First to answer correctly gets a point. The anipal that gets the most correct wins the game

Saturday March 12   7:00 PM EST
Host @doggymolly

Demolition Derby

Got an old junker laying around the yard. Want a fun way to dispose of said Junker. Join the nip club demolition derby. Smash bash and crash until you are the last car standing. Last car running is your winner. This may be the only time that it is acceptable to drive like our entertainment leader, Moo.

Saturday March 12   8:00 PM EST
Host @lucky_gsd

Disco Trivia

Are you a dancing queen, do you still suffer from Saturday Night Fever. Test your knowledge of all things disco. Earn a point if you are the first correct answer. Win the game and you will be crowned the dancing king or queen of the nip club disco.

Sunday March 13   9:00 AM EST
Host @3phibotticelli Sadie

Disco Scavenger Hunt

A new game for us here at #NipClub. Decipher the clue that the scavenger hunt host Tweet in with your answer and a picture of said object or person. First anipal to tweet in with the correct answer and a picture of the object or person in question. First correct response and picture will earn a point. Win the game and earn bragging rights at #Nipclub from now until the next 70’s disco party.

Sunday March 13   10:00 AM EST
Host @3phibotticelli Sadie

Disco and 70's Attire

Contact @PuppyNumber7 for one of these outfits


Left: @4catsstrapski @Nancycakeface  
Center: @Baxter_man @BillieSpringer
Right: @PuppyNumber7

Contact @realfakegator for one of these outfits

Models @HarveyButtonNZ, @Cherylpoestone Benny    
                @isagold, @pumpkinpuddy

As always, we are happy to do a custom avatar for you!