Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Holiday Pawty-wear

Twas the night before #Nipclub, when all through twitterland….
No anipals were stirring, no blenders were whirring.
The glasses were hung over the bar with care,
Thankfully a barktender soon would be there.

@cherylpoestone`s ferts were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Bacon Beer danced in their heads.
@Shaynacat in her office, exhausted from dealing with crap,
Had just settled down for a pre-pawty nap.

When suddenly in your mind there arose such a clatter,
You sprang from the bed to address the matter.
Away to the closet you flew like a flash,
Tore open the door and …...

Discovered you had nothing to wear!!!


Contact @PuppyNumber7 for one of these avatars



Contact @realfakegator if you need 
a holiday sweater

Happy Christmas, and Chanukah Sameach!

Hi, everyone, and welcome to #NipClub's Christmas and Hannukah pawty! 

We'll be opening at 2pm EST (7pm in the UK) on Saturday December 12 and pawtying for 24 hours, as always, and we need your help to solve a mystery - no-one's seen Santa for several days, and there's a rumor going around that he's in the paws of kidnappers! 

Obviously we can't have anipals and children all over the world (oh, OK - grown-up humans, too) going without their presents Christmas morning, so we need you to help us find out where he is and get him back! 

Our charity this month is Black Cat Rescue, which helps those cats who solely because of their fur color are only half as likely as others to find a loving furever home, and every donation, large or small, will be put to excellent use.  

As always, we'll have lots of pawesome noms and drinks for you from our great Nip Chef @WinstonTabby, as well as music, dancing and games to play and entertainments to join in (you can find the details on our Entertainment Page), so wear your all-time favourite avi or come in your own fur and help get Santa back on track! 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Vive La France!

Shining a light for Paris: World Trade Center

Following the attacks that took place last night in Paris, France, pals have been asking if this weekend's #NipClub Star Wars pawty, #NCSWM, will go ahead. 

So far, at least, the intention is that it will - not because pals at #NipClub don't care about what's happened, but because there is a feeling that to cancel it would be to allow those who carried out the attacks to destroy our plans to have fun together and to raise much-needed funds for D'Arcy's ARC in honor of Mama Louise. 

During our traditional RB Tributes in the first segment of #NCSWM we will be holding paws in a tribute to those who lost their lives, those who are injured, and those anipals in Paris whose humans went out last night to enjoy themselves and who will not be coming home. 

The situation is being kept under constant review, and if there's any change it will be announced here and on Twitter.  

May the Force be with us all. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

#Nipclub Star Wars Pawty

Join us as we travel to a galaxy far, far away
November 14 - 15

As soon as the family of @Petiethecat's Mama Louise asked for donations in her memory to be made to a wonderful charity called D'Arcy's ARC, the requests started coming in - could #NipClub choose it in her honor as the featured charity this month? 

Indeed we could. Petie and Mama Louise were well known to and loved by many at #NipClub, and were responsible for introducing many of us to each other, and all those of us who knew them are delighted to have this opportunity to pay tribute to them.  

There is one slight technical drawback, which I'm sure that none of Petie and Louise's pals will mind at all. D'Arcy's ARC does not collect their donations through PayPal, as our charities normally do, but uses a service called This means we can't set up our usual kind of widget, so we can't show you the donation level in our sidebar. You can donate just as usual by clicking on the Charity Tips Jar widget, which will take you straight to the page on and pay through PayPal or a credit card. Clicking on the Charity Tips Jar widget will also let you check on the progress of the appeal without donating, so please don't think this is an attempt to mug you! :D 

I hope you'll forgive the slight inconvenience and agree that it's a small price to pay for the opportunity to honor Mama Louise in the way her family have requested friends to do. 

P.S. @Pumpkinpuddy compiled a lovely book about the very first Summer At The Lake With Petie and in honor of Mama Louise she's donating part of the sale of every book during November to D'Arcy's ARC, so if you haven't yet got your copy now's the perfect time to check it out!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Welcome to NipClub Wine Harvest Weekend!

Hi, and a very warm welcome to our NipClub Wine Country Harvest weekend! The pawty starts on Twitter at 2pm EDT (7pm in the UK) on Saturday October 10 and runs for 24 hours. The hashtag is #NCWH and your formal invitation is right here.  

If you're a regular NipClub-goer you'll notice that the site looks rather different and the link has changed. That's because our usual site is experiencing some technical difficulties and at the moment isn't working properly. Annoyingly, it can't be fixed in time for this weekend, but I'm very grateful that two sharp-eyed NipClubbers, @RustytheKitty and @rockstarwalrus, found the problem in time for me to find a workaround! 

So, what are we getting up to this weekend?

Well, if you were at our Winery Harvest and Stomp last time, you'll already know how much fun it is to help to stomp the grapes (and some of you may even have got the grape-stains off your paws by now!). If you haven't experienced this event before, I can promise you that it's a lot of fun. Stomping the grapes in time to the music from our DJs, with a glass of wine in paw, is an adventure not to be missed!

Of course, at NipClub we also have our own Winery, and we have some of the very finest of our own wine for you to taste. Quality-checking is very important here at NipClub, so you are warmly encouraged to open a few bottles to make sure the produce reaches our high standards. 

Trains are very popular at NipClub, but I ought to warn you that this one isn't quite the luxury NipClub Express you may have ridden with us before. This one is... well, I guess you'd call it more a bar-on-wheels. Given the amount of chaos NipClub caused last time we thought we ought to try to put a bit of business the way of the local wine producers, so we've bought up quite a lot of cases of red, white and rosé and we're relying on you to help us empty them! 

This year we have an innovation. After hours and hours of design (well, OK, it might have been much easier before rather than after trying @WinstonTabby's wine selection!) the NipClub Estate Winery now has a Maze! It's quite a tough one, and several of the NipClub staff who've tried it have got hopelessly entangled and have had to yowl for help. Can you do any better? It's a lot of fun to try!