Saturday, 14 November 2015

Vive La France!

Shining a light for Paris: World Trade Center

Following the attacks that took place last night in Paris, France, pals have been asking if this weekend's #NipClub Star Wars pawty, #NCSWM, will go ahead. 

So far, at least, the intention is that it will - not because pals at #NipClub don't care about what's happened, but because there is a feeling that to cancel it would be to allow those who carried out the attacks to destroy our plans to have fun together and to raise much-needed funds for D'Arcy's ARC in honor of Mama Louise. 

During our traditional RB Tributes in the first segment of #NCSWM we will be holding paws in a tribute to those who lost their lives, those who are injured, and those anipals in Paris whose humans went out last night to enjoy themselves and who will not be coming home. 

The situation is being kept under constant review, and if there's any change it will be announced here and on Twitter.  

May the Force be with us all.