Saturday, 27 February 2016

#Nipclub Monthly`s Disco Ball

#Nipclub Monthly 1970'Disco Ball

Dig deep into the closet for your white leisure suit,         

revive your Farrah hair-d0, and by all means get ready 

to hit the disco dance floor as #nipclub  monthly returns      

to the 70's on March 12-13

Disco Ball Activities

Disco Name That Tune

The game host will tweet a line or partial line from a disco song. Be the first to identify that song and earn a point. Win the game and win the car of your choice from #Nipclub manager @TheNascarKitty

Saturday March 12   5:00 PM EST
Host @GeorgeTheDuck

70's Trivia

There have been many things said about the 70’s. 1 thing is constant, most people say that it was fun. Whether you lived it or read about it on Wikipedia. It is time to find out what you know about the 1970’s. Your host will ask a variety of questions on such things as pop culture, politics, etc etc. Answer the question first and you are on the way to becoming the Nip Club 70’s guru.

Saturday March 12   6:00 PM EST
Host @GeorgeTheDuck

Wuzzles Puzzles - Back by popular demand

Not the outdoors adventure type? No problem, we have the game for you. Put your puzzle solving skills to the test as you will be given a clue and have to determine the word or phrase. First to answer correctly gets a point. The anipal that gets the most correct wins the game

Saturday March 12   7:00 PM EST
Host @doggymolly

Demolition Derby

Got an old junker laying around the yard. Want a fun way to dispose of said Junker. Join the nip club demolition derby. Smash bash and crash until you are the last car standing. Last car running is your winner. This may be the only time that it is acceptable to drive like our entertainment leader, Moo.

Saturday March 12   8:00 PM EST
Host @lucky_gsd

Disco Trivia

Are you a dancing queen, do you still suffer from Saturday Night Fever. Test your knowledge of all things disco. Earn a point if you are the first correct answer. Win the game and you will be crowned the dancing king or queen of the nip club disco.

Sunday March 13   9:00 AM EST
Host @3phibotticelli Sadie

Disco Scavenger Hunt

A new game for us here at #NipClub. Decipher the clue that the scavenger hunt host Tweet in with your answer and a picture of said object or person. First anipal to tweet in with the correct answer and a picture of the object or person in question. First correct response and picture will earn a point. Win the game and earn bragging rights at #Nipclub from now until the next 70’s disco party.

Sunday March 13   10:00 AM EST
Host @3phibotticelli Sadie

Disco and 70's Attire

Contact @PuppyNumber7 for one of these outfits


Left: @4catsstrapski @Nancycakeface  
Center: @Baxter_man @BillieSpringer
Right: @PuppyNumber7

Contact @realfakegator for one of these outfits

Models @HarveyButtonNZ, @Cherylpoestone Benny    
                @isagold, @pumpkinpuddy

As always, we are happy to do a custom avatar for you!

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