Sunday, 24 January 2016

It`s Mardi Gras Time!

Join us as we head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!
February 13-14

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Mardi Gras Activities

There is much more to the city of New Orleans than meets the eye. Test your knowledge if New Orleans against the quiz master and your other competitors. Be the anipal to answer the most questions correctly and you are the winner.

Date: Saturday February 13 Time: 6:00pm EST Host: TBA

You can be a part of the one of the big Mardi Gras parades The NipClub Mardi Gras parades will have big floats with bright lights, where anipals sit on top of the floats and toss out anima-safe candy, drinks, foods, and whistles. The parade floats will have various themes - some will even have pirates, so make sure you keep your gold safely tucked away in your pockets! Join Phi and Sadie at 10:00 am EST (5:00 pm UK) know that you want to be in the float parade - then you can help create whatever theme for your float that you want, if you can imagine it, then we'll include it in our wonderful NipClub Mardi Gras parade!

For those you join in the float parade, willingly or who get tossed onto a float just for being near by, remember more fun you have, the more tweets you bring to the parade, you could be picked by the Entertainment Leader to be the King or Queen of the NipClub Float Parade.

Date: Sunday February 14 Time: 10:00am EST Host: @3phibotticelli

Rally racing is a very popular sport. Working alone or in pairs make your way around the rally course. Choose your ride. Make your way around the city of New Orleans and explore various landmarks while keeping your competitors at bay by any means necessary. Have fun, be creative and race the nipclub way (Cheat to your heart’s content).

Date: Saturday February 13 Time: 7:00pm EST Host: @cherylpoestone

We sure hope that you will find the Mardi Gras Trivia game be up your ally, and all you have to do is pull up a lawn chair and sit in the tree covered shade of City Park. Test your knowledge and googling speed against Phi and Sadie What is Mardi Gras, a krew is what, what animal-related floats are there during Mardi Gras and so on!

Join us at 9:00 am EST (4:00 pm UK) Be the first to tweet the right answer when the Entertainment Leader asks a trivia question.

Date: Sunday February 14 Time: 9:00am EST Host: @3phibotticelli

A new game to NipClub entertainment. Take an idea borrowed from wheel of fortune and try to adapt it for twitter. With no wheel, and no Vana White and no cash & prizes: What’s left? A puzzle game where participants are given a clue (person, place, thing, phrase, etc) Each participant takes a turn guessing a letter and your host will fill in the blanks or tell you the letter is not part of the puzzle. First one to correctly guess the word or phrase wins the round

Clue A place where anipals gather for a good time

N _ _ CL _ _

Date: Saturday February 13 Time: 5:00pm EST Host: TBA

The Mardi Gras word scramble is a fun puzzle game where you unscramble the letters of a Mardi Gras themed word to find the ogriilna (original) word. Be quick on your paws or ask for a clue. Be the first to answer correctly to score a point.

Date: Saturday February 13 Time: 8:00pm EST Host: TBA

Mardi Gras Avatars

Contact @PuppyNumber7 for one of these styles

                                    @chazzthedog                              @meisroxythepug

                                           @shaynacat                                     @tinypearlcat

Contact @realfakegator for one of these styles

                                 @bea_bells                                    @mk_inwa (tuxie)

                                       @nancycakeface                                   @cinnimini2

As always, we are happy to make you a custom avatar!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Making A Hash Of A Tag

As you probably know, we've been having difficulty finding good hashtags for our monthly pawties. Originally we simply used to use #NipClub for everything, but we found out the hard way that during the weekend non-anipals were finding the hashtag, misinterpreting what it was about (they apparently had never heard of catnip!) and posting some seriously inappropriate comments on the timeline, which were unpleasant to read and totally ruined the fun atmosphere. When they started flooding individual timelines with obscenities, we clearly had to change things.

However, having a "throw-away" hashtag hasn't altogether worked well, either. As more people use more hashtags it's getting harder and harder to find one that's appropriate to  the theme of our pawty and not already overwhelmed by other traffic, and a lot of pals have pointed out that a one-off tag is all too easy to get wrong. 

A number of pals have suggested having a regular hashtag other than #NipClub for our weekend pawties, which is a great idea in principle, but it's still turned out to be quite difficult to find a good one that is otherwise unoccupied. It's so far proved impossible to find a really short and memorable one that's free, so this weekend we're trying out #NC24H (NipClub 24 Hours). If it works well that's great and we'll adopt it as our regular weekend hashtag, making it much easier to get used to and remember than a temporary one, and if it doesn't we'll try something else. 

I do apologise for any inconvenience to #NipClub staff and pawty-goers, but hopefully things will be much easier once we've found a regular weekend hashtag that is safe and user-friendly :-) 

Monday, 4 January 2016

Anipal Winter Games

                                                                        Artist Credit: @OllyTed

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to the first #NipClub weekend pawty of 2016! 

As it's January we're heading for some snowy mountains and the annual Anipal Winter Games. As well as skiing there will be snowboarding, skating and various other sports currently being devised by @Doggymolly and @lucky_GSD for your entertainment, as well of course as the very best in noms and drinks from Nip Chef @WinstonTabby and great company from anipals around the world.

The Games will start at 2pm EST (7pm in the UK) on Saturday January 9 and will go on for 24 hours (or till all judges and contestants are exhausted!), and all anipals and their humans are welcome. 

As #CatmasEve and New Year's Eve fell on a Thursday this year our December charity Black Cat Rescue unfortunately missed out on a couple of events which would otherwise have been supporting them, so to make up for that they will continue to be our featured charity this month. 

The hashtag will be #NC24H (standing for NipClub 24 Hours) and our charity link will be


If downhill skiing wasn’t challenging enough for you, take a determined group of nipclubbers, aim their skis downhill and watch the mayhem begin. Epic jumps, chills and spills can all be expected. Downhill ski cross….racing mixed with a lot of Nipclub attitude.

Not sure what a normal downhill ski cross looks like? check out this video link

Date: Saturday January 9 Time: 5:00pm EST Host: @DoggyMolly

Not the outdoors adventure type? No problem, we have the game for you. Put your puzzle solving skills to the test as you will be given a clue and have to determine the word or phrase. First to answer correctly gets a point. The anipal that gets the most correct wins the game.

Date: Saturday January 9 Time: 6:00pm EST Host: @onewhitedog

Time to get a little crazy Voyageur style! You have a canoe and need to get to the other side of the St. Lawrence River. Unfortunately the river is still partially frozen. It is up to you to push pull and paddle your way across the river.

Be “creative” and have fun. First canoe to reach the other side wins the race.

Date: Saturday January 9 Time: 7:00pm EST Host: @cherylpoestone

Alright Anipals! It is time for the slush cup! What in the world is the slush cup you may ask? 

Take 1 mountain full of snow. Put a ski jump at the bottom of the hill and beyond that ski jump a 120 ft long pool of water

Will you sink or swim or glide to the finish line?   

What do you have to do?

Find a way down the mountain 1 or 2 at a time. (You can use skis, a snowboard, tube or toboggan). You can dress up or dress down the choice is yours. Slide or ski down the hill towards the jump. Will you hit big air or make a big splash?

Date: Saturday January 9 Time: 8:00pm EST Host: @Lucky_GSD

The winter olympics have provided us with many great sporting memories. We are going to mention a historic or infamous olympic moment and your job is to name the olympic host city. The 1 that answers the most questions correctly will win. For example... In what city did the USA beat Russia to win the Olympic Ice Hockey gold medal in 1980? or it could be phrased as The USA beating Russia in the gold medal final on the 1980 winter olympics is known as what?

Date: Sunday January 10 Time: 9:00am EST Host: @3phibotticelli

What is more fun than Short Track Speed Skating? Nipclub pals trying their paw / wing at short track speed skating. Strap on your skates and helmet, go around the course as quickly as possible while at the same time trying to hinder (read sabotage) your competitors. Be the first to cross the finish line and be crowned King and or Queen of the short track.

Date: Sunday January 10 Time: 10:00am EST Host: @3phibotticelli


Let the Graphic Arts Team help get you ready with whatever you need for this year`s Anipal Winter Games.  See one you like?  Contact the Graphic Artist that made your avatar to order yours.  Want something different?  Contact one of us and let us know what you`d like, we`re always happy to do custom!

Styles from @OllyTed
Boy Snowboarder, Skeleton racer, Girl Snowboarder

Styles from @PuppyNumber7


Top Row: Skiier Bea_Bells, Curler @ajstenaka obe,  Snowboarder @Dylcat1
Bottom Row: Skeleton racer @NancyCakeFace, Skiier @Rugerblue

Styles from @realfakegator

 Skiier @BrutusTheDane, Speed Skaters @PushupAndPaws, XCSkiier @cherylpoestone 

 Bobsledder @katiebella2, Figure Skater @NancyCakeFace, Luger @LilyLuWhoT 

These are custom avatars, yours will be a similar style

See you at the weekend!