Sunday, 20 March 2016

Renaissance Faire

Lords and Ladies of the Anipal Community

Let it be known
There will be 24 hours of feasting, games and general merriment

 April 9 & 10


Test your mastery of the bow and arrow in a trio of competitions.

First up is traditional target archery.
Second is your ability to hit a moving target.
Finally, Tommy (@thenascarkitty), has volunteered to have an apple placed on his head for the William Tell competition.

Time: Saturday April 9, 5:00 PM EDT
Host Lucky @Lucky_GSD

Drench a Wench

Ever wanted to dunk the boss?  Now`s your chance as #Nipclub boss Shayna will be in the tank.  Be careful and don`t let Shayna throw you off your game.  I really hope that she didn`t spend too much time styling her fur extensions. 

Time: Saturday April 9, 6:00 PM EDT
Host: Jake @OneWhiteDog


Welcome noble Knights of the Anipal realm to the NipClub Renaissance Faire Jousting Competition. Competitors must be on a horse. Both you and the horse will be wearing protective armour.  Only your lance is allowed to cross over the jousting fence.  On the signal jousters will charge at each other with the goal of knocking their opponent from their horse.

Advance in the tournament and be crowned Nipclub Jousting Champion!

Time: Saturday April 9, 7:00 PM EDT
Host: Moo @doggymolly 

Renaissance Anagrams

Test your deduction skills as you are challenged to unscramble renaissance themed words. Your host will tweet out the scrambled word. Your job is to unscramble the anagram and be the first to answer correctly. First to give the correct answer scores a point Collect the most points and you will be crowned the winner.

Time: Saturday April 9, 8:00 PM EDT
Host: George @georgetheduck

Renaissance Trivia

Test thy knowledge of the renaissance against that of ye old foes.  Answer the most questions correctly and ye will be crowned the king / queen of Renn trivia.

Time: Sunday April 10, 9:00 AM EDT
Host: Sadie @3phibotticelli

Renaissance Scavenger Hunt

Test your powers of deduction in the Renaissance Fair Scavenger Hunt   Your Host will tweet a picture and ask you to find a hidden object   The first contestant to give the exact location of the object scores a point.  (In the picture just isn`t good enough .  The contestant that gets the most correct, wins the scavenger hunt.

Time:  Sunday April 10,  10:00 AM EDT
Host:  Sadie @3phibotticelli

"How Elizabethan are you?"

Take @LadyGreyFoxs quiz and find out if you could survive the times, or get a job at your local Renaissance Faire, or are better off watching period dramas on television.  Be ye warned, some of these answers are harder than thou thinketh.

@LadyGreyFox`s Cassidy

Crash Course in Proper Elizabethan & Basic Faire Accents ...from the son of the folks who started it all.

Short list of Elizabethan Phrases . . . from the current RPF

Some more Elizabethan language basics

This is a bit of background on the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire that is maintained by the son of two of the original the founders

What will you be?
Knight?  Royalty?  Nobility?  Archer?  Gentlepal?
You can also ask for a custom avatar.
Let the graphics team know!

Renaissance fair-wear by 
Thomas @Puppy Number

Model is @Bea_bells

Renaissance fair-wear by
Gator @realfakegator


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