Saturday, 7 May 2016

Indianapolis 500 Centennial Pawty

This year marks the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

Join us as we get the celebration started 2:00 pm Eastern Time (7:00 in the UK) Saturday May 14, and party through the night until 2:00 pm Eastern Time (7:00 in the UK) on Sunday May 15.

Race Weekend Events

Indianapolis 500 Trivia

Test your knowledge of Indianapolis 500 history and miscellaneous quirky facts. Be the anipal to answer the most questions correctly and you will be the trivia champion of the old brickyard.

When: 9:00am EDT Sunday May 15
Host: Sadie @3phibotticelli

Anipal 500

Anipal open wheel racing at it’s finest. Choose your ride, and make your way around this legendary course. The winner is the first to reach the checkered flag. Be prepared to be creative during the race. Remember that cheating is not only encouraged, it will be graded.

When: 8:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
Host: Lucky @Lucky_GSD 

Where’s George (Indianapolis 500 edition)

Our friend George the duck is having difficulties finding his way around his tour of the Indianapolis motor speedway. He has to work hard this evening, so we would really appreciate your help in finding George. There will be a series of pictures and your job is to spot George and give his exact location.

When: 5:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
Host: Lucky @Lucky_GSD 

Anipal 100 Vintage car race

Now is your chance to race this legendary course in a century old race car. Make your way around the course as fast as you can. The first to reach the checkered flag is the winner. Be creative and beware of your friends trying to sabotage your ride.

When: 10:00am EDT Sunday May 15
HostSadie @3phibotticelli

Brickyard Blues

Your host will give a line from a famous car song. Be the first to identify the song to win a point. Get the most songs right to be declared the winner.

When: 6:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
HostJake @onewhitedog

Indianapolis 500 word call out (word puzzle)

Picture Wheel of fortune with no wheel, no Vana White, no cash and prizes. What’s left? A clue to an Indianapolis 500 themed word or phrase and a bunch of blanks. Contestants guess a letter. When you think you know the word or phrase, shout out your answer.

When: 7:00pm EDT Saturday May 14
Host: George @georgetheduck

Indy 500 Race-wear and cars

Contact @ PuppyNumber7 for one of these avatars

Models                                                                                 @alfieLuvsCassie Alfie     @Baxter_man Baxter

@Bea_Bells Bea               @CallMeModom Modom

More Coming Soon!