Friday, 8 July 2016

Putting Wine On Hold

As you know, this weekend was to have been our monthly #NC24H pawty and we were heading for Europe for a celebration of the famous Bordeaux Wine Festival. However, this weekend France is also hosting the final of Euro 2016, the European Soccer Championship, and with their own team in the final and playing for the nation's pride it was clear to us that asking them to host #NC24H as well would be stretching their security resources just a shade too far. We did point out we have our own highly-efficient Sekurity Officers who could assist them, but they declined the offer with some words that weren't in the phrasebook we were using but seemed to have some unflattering references to Brexit, so I reluctantly decided a strategic retreat might be a good idea. 

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing the decorators in to brighten up the #NC24H building, so we're giving our hard-working staff some time off for a summer break. We'll be back in the autumn ready to whisk you off to various exotic locations, so in the meantime have a wonderful summer and remember weekly #NipClub will be open every Thursday as usual, so do please come along and pawty on!