Led by @RealFakeGator, our #NipClub Tailoring Department is always happy to supply you with a great outfit for our pawties! 

For this month's Star Wars weekend, you are welcome to choose from this month's superb selection... 

Ready to travel to a galaxy far, far away?  Then you will need the right gear.  Take a look at what we have for you this month.  Contact the graphics team member who created the avatar you like and let them know your choice.

As always, we are happy to do custom!

 Order one of these from @PuppyNumber7

@AlfieLuvsCassie Alfie as Kylo Ren           @AngusFromAfrica as Luke

                                       @Archie_Pup Archie as an Ewok               @DieselDawwg Diesel as Yoda

                          @OurChloePup Chloe as Princess Leia              @Whskr as Princess Leia

Order one of these from @realfakegator

                                      @Bea_bells as a Stormtrooper                        @I_Am_Luca as C3P0

                                   @moothemousecat in TIE fighter                 @whatdoingdougal as R2D2

@BunnyJeanCook with lightsaber

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