We have some seasonal games this month for you to try your paw at!

Hanukkah Holiday Word Scramble

The Hanukkah Holiday Word Scramble is a fun puzzle game where you unscramble the letters of a holiday-themed word to find the ogriilna (original) word. Be quick on your paws, or ask for a clue, and the first to answer correctly scores a point. @lucky_GSD will start the contest on Saturday at 5pm EST (10pm UK). 

Jingle Bell Derby

Test your skills at the reins of a one-horse open sleigh! Choose your horse, choose your ride, and make sure you bring a bag of tricks to outwit the competition! Slow and steady, or racing flat out - this is a test of endurance, and the choice is yours. You have to race three laps around the frozen lake, and the first to complete them wins the dash for cash. The race begins on Saturday at 6pm EST, and in charge of it is @lucky_GSD. 

You Don't Know Santa! 

How much do you know about Santa Claus? Can you name some of the titles that he has in other countries? Why does he leave naughty children a lump of coal? Take the quiz with @lucky_GSD on Saturday at 7pm EST (midnight in UK) and see how much you know about the man in red!  

Christmas Traditions Quiz

Where does the tradition of having a Christmas Tree come from? Why do we put lights on the Tree? Why do we hang stockings by the fireplace? Test your knowledge of the origins of some of the oldest and grandest Christmas traditions with Sadie @3phibotticelli on Sunday at 9am EST (2pm UK). 

The Great Reindeer Race

The Great Reindeer Race is an extreme test of skill, nerve and daring as you race once around Santa's village. First, choose your reindeer (they'll be waiting with their harnesses on), then put on your skis and helmet. You may want to bring along a bag of tricks to keep your opponents at bay. Important information: Reindeer only speak Sami. "Run" is "viehkat", and "stop" is "duow'go". Have fun, and be creative! Your leader is Sadie @3phibotticelli, and the race begins on Sunday at 10am EST (3pm UK).  

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