We have some pawesome prizes for you to win this month! 

Try your paw at winning this lovely Dog Bed complete with Cozy Fleece from @danapixie... 

...or this fabulous set of stationery from NoCrybabyDogs Card Shop, also from @danapixie!

From @TinyPearlCat come this wonderful Kong duck toy, cat-surfing-the-web resin figure and cat brooch...  

... as well as a terrific set of Star Wars toys... 

... and a set of her beautiful paw-painted Gratitude Cat Rocks! Every one is individual, and each collection is unique - this is a real must-have prize! 

This very special prize is a beautiful moon-and-earth pendant donated by Sebastian @TheLittle_Dude - whoever wears it will be the envy of all eyes!

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